Campus Life

There's so much more to the University of Regina than exams, homework, and classrooms and we at the University of Regina Students' Union (URSU) take pride in helping you experience all of it.  We're here to help you navigate the university experience while also enjoying it! URSU has something for everybody and we're more than happy to share! 

If you like the social aspects of campus life, then you're gonna love your campus bar The Owl, never-ending parties like Frost Week and Welcome Week, and all the exciting events organized by the student groups on campus.  For those of you who want to take in  an informative seminar or participate in a workshop, our various campaigns like the Sexual Health Fair and Mental Health Week provide the opporunity for discussion and create awareness of factors that impact students. We also support a number of cultural events and experiences so you don't have to go far to broaden your horizons! 

There are more than one hundred student clubs at the U of R; they range from themed clubs like the Anime Club and the Seaview Poetry Society to sports clubs like the Cougar Racing Club and the Rugby Club.  And, if you can't find the group for you, URSU will gladly help you start up your own!  We will even provide you with some basic funding for supplies and events so you can make the most of Campus Life!

Talk to your VP of Student Affairs by emailing to find out how to get involved with a current club or start your own.



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