Gurjinder  has been elected to serve as President of the University of Regina Student Union (URSU). He joined the University of Regina in 2018 and is currently enrolled in faculty of MAP. From childhood, he is actively involved in stage performances including speeches, inter-state debates, hosting cultural events and theatre plays. While in India, with the passion and hard work to pursue his talent, he got the opportunity to work in Bollywood films as an actor while completing his high school. He also worked as an assistant director in various films. He got his script writing break in the creative team of the most popular comedy show of India, The Kapil Sharma Show. He has also hosted several comedy and theatre events while in Canada.

Born and raised in a family who always offered a helping hand to the community, Gurjinder strives to help the one in need with art and kindness. In Regina, he volunteers with Guru Nanak Free Kitchen, a non-profit organization that provides free cooked and dry food to those in need every Sunday. He has also organized several non-profit cultural events on campus, namely Dhamak Base Night, and Frost Night as part of Welcome Week, all with the aim to bring the diversity of the university under one roof. He has always helped students with the registration processes, also finding accommodation for international students in Regina. He continues to assist students of the university in every way possible in an effort to make the campus their home. Taking the responsibility for every student on his shoulders, he continues to knock every possible door to make their university experience worry-free, rewarding and progressive.

You can find him easily around the campus chatting with students, but do not get confused; he changes the color of his turban every day. For more information and concerns, you can send him an email at

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