Get started on URSU Vibe now!

URSU Vibe is a new online platform for clubs, societies, and events. This new website substantially reduces the quantity of administrative work and should speed up the ratification process. It allows students to join multiple clubs in just a few minutes and makes it easy to transition ownership of your club to a new leadership group. It can also be used to share your club events or find events you want to check out.

If you were that person in High School that was interested in weird stuff and you’re afraid you’ll never find someone to share that with, fear not! The URSU sponsors nearly 100 distinct clubs that will help you make connections, pursue your passions and grow you leadership skills.

Campus Societies are like clubs, only bigger. They represent each faculty at the U of R and put on the biggest and most fun events. Every single one is independently managed by students and receives funding from URSU every year.

If you can’t find the group you’re looking for, please consider creating it instead. Please review our Policy_on_Campus_Groups and Regulations for Student Events Involving Alcohol if you want to know more. You can also find instructions on registering, creating a group, and more on the URSU Vibe site. You can also review a Google Drive folder which contains some how-to information as well as some of the presentations that we’ve given on URSU Vibe in the past.