Housing Registry

The Housing Registry allows you to post classified ad listings to rent out an accommodation, find an accommodation, or to find a roommate to share an accommodation.  For a description of the categories, read below:

For Rent: List your property for rent.

Accommodation: List yourself as seeking an accommodation.

Roommate : List yourself as seeking a roommate for an accommodation.

Room and Board : List your property here if you're offering to include meals, laundry and other services.

WARNING: It has come to our attention that a few people on this listing have been contacted by someone immitating a student and sending counterfeit cheques. Please be aware that under no circumstance should you send money to someone asking to rent your property. 


Office of Residential Tenancies

At the Office of Residential Tenancies you will find information about the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants. When both the landlord and tenant are well informed, problems can be resolved directly. Your own solution is typically far more satisfactory for you than an order telling you what to do following a hearing in this office. That being said, there is sometimes no other choice. In that case, click here to be directed to the Office of Residential Tenancies.

Disclaimer: The Students' Union of the University of Regina will not be held legally responsible for the accommodations listed above, nor any problems that arise from your landlord, tenant, or roommate. We will make every reasonable attempt that we can to ensure the listings below are genuine and accurate, but we cannot be held responsible for problems arising from the accommodations themselves.  If you encounter a problem with a landlord, tenant, or roommate, you can contact the office of the Student Advocate at advocate@ursu.ca .

Listings do not appear immediately. Every listing must pass through a moderation stage before appearing on the registry. Moderation may take up to 3 business days, depending on the demand. If you have any questions, or encounter a problem with our registry, please send us an email.

In order to keep our listing accurate, we will take down postings where the availability date is older than 1 month.  If your listing is still available please either re-submit it, or e-mail us to let us know to update the availability date. If you would like us to edit or delete your current listing, please email us.

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