Top 5 Rejected Names for the New Residence
In April, the University of Regina held a contest to come up with a name for the new Student Residence set to open in the fall. Students, staff and community members were asked to submit suggestions for the new residence, as well as the existing North and South Residence towers and the College West Residence. The new names will be unveiled at the end of May but we got a hold of some of the...
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A Tour of Your Students’ Union - New Students Check Out Their New Home
The University of Regina Students’ Union (URSU) opened its doors to welcome hundreds of Saskatchewan high school students during UR Beginning on May 8th. Grade 12 students already admitted to the University of Regina, and its Federated Colleges, spent the day learning about the support and services offered by their Students’ Union and the programs offered by the University of...
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Class is Done, Time for Some Fun
Now that the semester is over it’s time for some serious relaxing but that doesn’t mean you have to spend your break sleeping in and binge watching shows — well not the whole break anyway. Regina is filled with a lot of arts, culture and sports and there’s something to do around every corner. Here are a few suggestions for filling those spring and summer days in awesome and...
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A Name You Can Live With
The new 606-bed student residence is slated to be open in the fall but what will it be on the sign outside?A building that will be called ‘Home’ by hundreds of new students in the fall is in need of a name today. The University of Regina is looking for suggestions on what to call their new, and existing, student residences and are asking for help from students, staff, faculty, alumni...
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Enjoying and preserving the gifts of our planet during Earth Week
As the world celebrates Earth Week, people around the globe are finding ways to cut down on the impact they have on our environment. Living in a more sustainable manner doesn’t have to happen only for a day or a week, though. In the spirit of helping Mother Earth breathe easier here are some easy ways to staying healthy and live sustainably during the spring and summer.1. Walk to work,...
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