Students’ Union Looks to Turn Up Voter Turnout - URSU Urges Students to ‘Get Out and Vote’
To combat apathy and encourage more young people to vote, the University of Regina Students’ Union (URSU) will be engaging with students face-to-face to inform them about the 42nd Canadian Federal Election and let them know the ways they can get involved. Along with giving students the information they need to take part in the election, we’ll also be helping students register to vote...
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Saying Goodbye to Welcome Week
We’ve finally recovered from all the excitement of Welcome Week 2015 and figured we’d share some of the highlights with you.To keep the spirit of summer alive we brought the tunes and tons of cold ones out on to the UofR’s backyard! We love our patio at the Owl but sadly it’s wasn’t big enough for the party we’ve had planned so we set up in the centre...
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A Week-Long Party You’ll Remember the Rest of Your Life
Every year, we at the University of Regina Students Union (URSU) try to make your first week of school one to remember! Welcome Week is the biggest party of the year and the best time to find out what makes this campus and its students so much fun. We’re packing a whole lot of awesome into three days with exciting events going on day and night! Just like Christmas, Welcome Week only comes...
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Money for You…and a little bit for URSU - Fall Used Book Sale returns with more dates
The costs of going to university can really add up, and never is this more apparent than at the start of a new semester. One way to alleviate the ‘sticker shock’ of seeing your statement from Financial Services is to visit the Used Book Sale put on by your University of Regina Students’ Union (URSU). It’s a chance to cash in on your old textbooks and take advantage of great...
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Community Gardens Provide More than Produce
Walking through the University of Regina campus one encounters an assortment of architectural styles, buildings built during different periods and a seemingly endless collection of construction projects. As our campus continues its expansion, though, it’s the ground-breaking of a different kind that is helping our students and our community continue to grow in healthy and sustainable...
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