Returning Students Get In On Frost Week Fun
Going back to school can be stressing, depressing or downright daunting. That’s why we welcomed students returning from holiday hibernation with some hot food, frosty brews and a whole lot of Frost Week fun! The coolest week of the winter was a great time to catch up with friends, connect with our student clubs and keep from thinking about class for just a while longer.Frost Week kicked off...
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A Warm Welcome in Winter - Frost Week Heats Up
Frost Week is the coolest time of the winter and a warm welcome for those returning to the University of Regina. Think of it as an on-campus vacation for students waking up from hibernation! During the three-day period of Frost Week, January 6th-8th, we estimate that 10,000 students will visit our campus. By getting involved with the events and activities that occur at Frost Week, your...
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Clubs Make Your Campus A Community
The university experience is more than studying in lounges, sleeping during lectures and standing in lines for books or coffee. Seeing your campus as a community is a great way to get more than a degree during your time here. Student clubs keep our campus community buzzing with events and campaigns throughout the year so there's always something interesting and exciting...
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Students Get Out and Vote - Federal Election sees spike in voters across Canada
The 42nd Canadian Federal Election saw more than 68 per cent of eligible voters cast a ballot, or about 17,546,697 registered electors, according to Elections Canada. A sizeable bump from the last federal election, when more than 61 per cent of Canadians voted.To combat apathy and encourage more young people to vote, the University of Regina Students’ Union...
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Results for URSU Fall By-Elections
Here are the results for the University of Regina Students' Union (URSU) 2015 Fall By-Elections. The results will be made official after being ratified at the next URSU Board of Directors meeting:KHSS Director: Sena Debia Luther Director: Dustin Koch LGBTQ Director: Emily Barber Nursing Director: Courtney Lamothe FNUniv Director: Ashley Herbet Part-Time Students...
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