University of Regina Students’ Union Annual General Meeting
On April 15th, 2015, The University of Regina Students’ Union Annual General Meeting for the 2014-2015 year took place. With many important items on the agenda, the meeting was an excellent showcase of student involvement on the University of Regina campus.After having been called to order, a quorum was established for the meeting with attendance well exceeding the needed 150. This was an...
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Losing Yourself in Your Work while Finding Your Place in the World: The Satisfying Struggle of Art
Creating something out of nothing can be a struggle for even the most seasoned artist, but for Jenna Faris the struggle is often the most rewarding part of the artistic process. “I always have the hardest time trying to come up with an idea,” said Faris. “So I enjoy travelling to different galleries and being aware of what other artists are doing in their...
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Protecting the Earth by Connecting the Blue Dots
Students in Saskatchewan and across the country are urging their mayors and city councillors to consider the future of the planet we call home.“We believe everyone has the right to fresh air, clean water and healthy food,” said Kelly Husack, organizer for the Regina chapter of the Blue Dot Movement. “We want communities and municipalities to recognize this...
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Craven Comes to Campus
We’re bringing a bit of the Craven Country Jamboree to the University of Regina campus TONIGHT-- Friday, April 10th-- at The Owl! There are plenty of prizes to be won and fun to be had while we host DJ’s in the campus bar all day and all night. The Owl is giving you the best preview of what’s to come at Saskatchewan’s biggest celebration, but it might be more than you...
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A Journey through the Creative Process
Art tends to tell a tale, but often the story of what goes into a particular piece is hidden from the audience. When it comes to the works of Grace Avery-Parkman, though, the story behind her art is available for all to see.“The plan for this particular installation was to take up as much space as I could and I wanted to do something grand,” she said. “I thought...
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