Campus Clubs

If you were that person in High School that was interested in weird stuff and you’re afraid you’ll never find someone to share that with, fear not! The URSU sponsors nearly 100 distinct clubs that will help you make connections, pursue your passions and grow you leadership skills. Check out the Campus Club list on our new Societies, Clubs, and Events Portal to see all the different kinds of clubs that you can have access to for free thanks to your URSU membership! All you need to get started is to register with your email address.

Can’t find the Club you’re looking for? Why not start it yourself? URSU provides new clubs with up to $300 in funding to put on fun events and activities of all kinds. The requirements for clubs can be found in the Governance section of the website under Policies. The one you’re looking for is the “Policy on Campus Groups”. You got this, go-getter. Make something of your own! You can also email the VP of Student Affairs via

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