Campus Clubs

If you were that person in High School that was interested in weird stuff and you’re afraid you’ll never find someone to share that with, fear not! The URSU sponsors nearly 100 distinct clubs that will help you make connections, pursue your passions and grow you leadership skills. Check out the Campus Club list below to see all the different kinds of clubs that you can have access to for free thanks to your URSU membership! 

Can’t find the Club you’re looking for?

It’s possible that the list hasn’t been updated yet so you should reach out to the Vice-President of Student Affairs at

What do you mean it doesn’t exist?

It could also mean that no one has made the club that you’re looking for yet. You can though – URSU provides new clubs with up to $300 in funding to put on fun events and activities of all kinds. The requirements for clubs can be found in the Governance section of the website under Policies. The one you’re looking for is the “Policy on Campus Groups”. You got this, go-getter. Make something of your own! 

Registered Clubs

  • Agriculture and Robotics Club

    Sam Dietrich
  • All You Can Dance Crew

    Wei Chen
  • Animal Rights Club

    Jaskaran Singh
  • Arise Campus Ministry

    Alyssa Lagunay
  • Badminton Lover/Students Basketball Club

    This is a non-profit club serving to all UR students. Organized by some students who truly love badminton and basketball. Join us if you think you are one like us.

    Zhongwei Du
  • Best Buddies (U of R Chapter)

    Alix Norum (President)
  • Biochemistry and Chemistry Student's Association (BCSA)

    Kieran Johnson
  • Biology Undergraduate and Graduate Society

    Claire Freeman
  • Brazilian Students Association

    Carolina Martins Cechinel (President)
  • Bright Star Soccer Club

    Siraj Darbi
  • Campion Social Justice Group

    Robin Tuck
  • Catholic Christian Outreach

    Catholic Christian Outreach is a university student movement dedicated to evangelization on campuses accross Canada. CCO Regina offers spiritual and social events both on and off campus, weekly faith studies, and a fun fauth community. 

    Francis Odum
  • Champion Soccer Club

    Abdullah Alhassan (President)
  • Chinese Dragon Soccer Club

    Hongyong Wang
  • Chinese Students' and Scholars Association

    Elaine Huang
  • Computer Science Students Society (CSSS)

    Christopher Hay (President)
  • Covenant Light Christian Fellowship

    Sunbo Toby-Lade
  • Cross Campus Fellowship

    Keren Jia
  • CSCE URegina Student Chapter

    Michael Badger
  • D.M. Kent Club

    John Kelley
  • Dance Team

    Courtney Anderson
  • Dravidian Club

    Alan Christo Jacob
  • Echo Group

    Regan Tessier
  • Economics Student Association

    To unite the students of the Department of Economics and provide a social network to students seeking tutoring, supplemental lectures, and a suitable complement to their education in economics.

    Adeyoju Imoleayo
  • Enactus (University of Regina)

    Enactus University of Regina is the Regina chapter of an international organization. We are a group of young entrepreneurial-minded individuals attending the University Of Regina whose main goal is to improve the community we live in. By running projects throughout the year, we strive to prepare young entrepreneurs for the challenges of the future, to improve environmental awareness, and to educate and promote financial literacy within the community.

    Emily Barton
  • Engineering Graduate's Students Association

    Mohamed Zoubik
  • Engineers Without Borders - Regina

    Engineers Without Borders is a collection of social developmentally minded individuals who are striving to find ways to ensure that the next generation of rural Africans have the same opportunities to improve their lives that we have right here at home. Nationally, EWB has a focus both in Africaand in Canada. In Africa, our work is focused on enabling rural Africans the opportunity to access clean water, generate an income from humble farms, and access critical infrastructure and services. In Canada, we engage Canadians, our government, companies, and universities on a widespread scale, to build their connections to Africa and make choices that better promote and contribute to human development.

    The U of R chapter is always looking for new members and new ideas! You do NOT need to be an engineer to join our group! For more info or to join our group; send us an email!

    Thomas Gallet
  • English Students' Association

    Tea Gerbeza
  • Eritrean Student Society

    Eman Mohammed
  • Film Students' Association

    Zach Almond
  • Geography & Environmental Studies Student Society

    Justine Kwochka
  • Graduate Students Basketball Club

    Zhongwei Du
  • Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race Club

    Sam Dietrich
  • Green Falcons Soccer Club

    Nasser Alhamed
  • Group of Undergraduate Education Science Students (GUESS)

    Troy Davidson (President)
  • Health Outdoor Physical Education Association (HOPE)

    Bailey Kowalyk (President)
  • Hill Business Development

    Gulraiz Tariq
  • Hill Human Resources Club

    Francis Odum
  • House of Musici

    Nicole Small
  • Indian Students' Association

    UR ISA has been started for Indian students pursuing their education in University of Regina, but everyone who is interested in Indian Culture is welcome to join.

    Yashjeet Mann (President)
  • Indigenous Students’ Association

    The Indigenous Students Association (ISA) at the University of Regina was founded in 2007 as a means of student representation of Indigenous/Aboriginal (First Nation, Métis and Inuit) students at the U of R where there previously had not been. Additionally, the ISA was created to promote a deeper and more meaningful understanding of Indigenous cultures in Canada and enhance University life through the promotion of Indigenous practices, traditions and values.

    Membership is open to all students who would like to learn more about Indigenous cultures and network with other Indigenous students. We strive to create a more diverse, culturally representative student body and to support Indigenous students at the University of Regina and in the greater community.

    Jodie Woodward
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) UofR Students Branch

    MD A.K.S. Meer
  • Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship

    We are a diverse community at the U of R who are seeking to live out the gospel on campus and in life together. We have fun, ask honest questions about life, share in life experiences, and create meaningful friendships during our time at University. Through our larger community gatherings and our weekly small groups we seek to see others experience the transforming love of Jesus.

    We highly value studying scripture and getting to know Jesus in our weekly small groups. This is an environment where we get to know each other deeply and are shaped as we hear from God in scripture. If you are at all interested in Jesus or are desiring friendship and community, check out our group. Hope to see you around the school!

    Melissa Klingelhofer
  • International Fellowship of Student Believers

    Chimweobo Mweke
  • International Friendship Regina

    Rui Liu
  • International Student Association

    Sua Park
  • International Studies Club (ISC)

    The International Studies Club at the University of Regina (ISC) is a forum for students to express their concerns about global issues that are directly affecting their lives. The basis of this club is to keep up to date on current events and discussing them amongst members in a friendly, open-minded environment. The ISC presents various opportunities for all students to become actively involved within the University and the greater community of Regina. Our hope is that members will build positive relationships here that will last beyond the classroom and will follow them into the future.

    Alex Buchan
  • Japanese Culture Club

    Jordan Tsang
  • JDC West (UofR)

    JDC West is an annual business competition featuring top business schools and students from across Western Canada, as well as the largest undergraduate business competition in Western Canada. The first competition, hosted by UBC, occurred January 20-23, 2006, and attracted over 400 students. JDC West was modeled after Jeux du Commerce and allows the competition to move from host university/city to host university/city each given year.

    Cari-Lynn Schoettler & Dani Lane
  • Johnson-Shoyama Student Association

    The JSSA is a student group dedicated to providing resources and opportunities for students of the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy.

  • Journalists for Human Rights - Regina

    Journalists for Human Rights is Canada's largest international media development organization. Our goal - to make everyone in the world fully aware of their rights - is as unique as it is powerful. The U of R's JHR Chapter focuses on a number of local, national, and international projects throughout the year, and has a goal of fostering relationships with other social justice groups on campus. All students are welcome to join, and new ideas are welcomed with open arms.

    David Fraser
  • Justice Studies Student Society

    The Justice Studies Student Society is a student group that organizes social events, academic events and volunteer opportunities. We are made up of students in the Justice Studies and Police Studies programs. We encourage students interested in judicial or policing careers to partake in our events or even take on a leading role within our club.

    Britannia Mohrbutter
  • Latin Lover

    Begona Malo
  • Linguistics Students' Association (LingSA)

    Falene Karey-McKenna (President)
  • Living-Stone Youth Fellowship

    Kun Tang (President)
  • Math, Actuarial Science, and Stats Students' Society (MASS)

    Brenden Lusok (President)
  • Meditation Club

    Don Stanley
  • MeiHuaZhuang Kung Fu Club

    Contacts: Erin Wood  Irene Terashima

    Meihuazhuang is an ancient martial art practiced primarily in the rural regions of Jiangsu, Hebei, Henan and Shandong provinces of Northern China. It is characterized by five static postures intermixed with dynamic motion comprised of light rapid footwork, and large flowing movements. The basic training methods are simple and strong yet relaxed and highly adaptable conveying a large expansive and bold presence delivered through a relaxed body and spirit.  Come join us!

    No experience required.  Classes are free for students.

  • Mindfulness Club

    Andi Martin (President)
  • MTG "The Gathering" Club

    Cauldin Kyle
  • Multicultural Dance/Fitness Club

    Victoria Ordu
  • Muslim Students' Association (URMSA)

    The Muslim Students Association (MSA) is a volunteer organization run by Muslim students on campus. The UR MSA organizes various Islamic, academic and non academic activities and events to fulfill its purpose and serve the students on campus. Hand in hand for a better future! May God guide us through, accept our deeds and forgive our slips, amen.

    Munir Osman (President)
  • Napoli

    Riyadhi Al-awbathani
  • Northern Victory Chinese Boxing

    Garry Yee (President)
  • Oriental Martial Arts Club

    Wentao Wu
  • Pakistani Students Association (Regina)

    Paksitani Student Association is for Paksitani Students who are pursuing their education at University of Regina. Anybody can join us to get to know the rich Pakistani culture! :) 

    Muhammad Hassan Siddiqui (President)
  • Palaeontology Club

    Richard Boulding
  • Parks Canada Campus Club

    Clark McMaster
  • Petroleum Club

    Niko Lehockey (President)
  • Philosophy Students' Society

    Laura Lim (President)
  • Physics Student Society

    Alexander Bachiu
  • Pinas Youth

    Mark Raspado Macabeo (President)
  • Pre-Medicine Club

    Sarah Vass (President)
  • Printmaking Students' Society

    Anne Viczko (President)
  • Psychology Graduate Students’ Association

    The Psychology Graduate Students' Association (P.G.S.A.) represents all psychology graduate students at the University of Regina. It attempts to ensure student representation, to promote the goals and beliefs of all psychology graduate students, and seeks to advance student involvement in the University Community.

    Sarah Elizabeth Ivens
  • Punjab Cultural and Sports Club

    Gagandeep Singh
  • Queen City Chess Club

    The Queen City Chess Club meets Thursday nights from 7:00pm-9:00pm at the University of Regina, Riddell Centre, in the Food Court area. We are a group of people dedicated to promoting chess and learning in a fun environment!


    Tom Boshoff
  • Redeemed Christian Fellowship (RCF)

    Temiloluwa Durojaiye
  • Regina CosPlay Club

    Robert Slinn
  • Regina Debate Society

    The U of R Debate Society is a campus club dedicated to furthering the speaking and critical analysis skills of U of R students. We will be holding debate practices throughout the coming year, where members will become comfortable with public speaking, debate strategy, and argumentation. Check their Facebook page for more information! 

    Shrey Das (President)
  • Regina Paratroopers Wheelchair Basketball

    Cassy Winter or Brodey Johb
  • Regina Public Interest Research Group (RPIRG)

    The Regina Public Interest Research Group (RPIRG) is a student funded resource centre at the University of Regina committed to social and environmental justice.We provide the resources and funding necessary to enable students to organize around issues through research, education, and action.

  • Religious Studies Student Association

    Matt Gordon
  • Rivers State Scholars Association

    Chimenem Amadi
  • Robotics of University of Regina Club

    Md. A.K.S Meer (President)
  • Saskatchewan African-Canadian Heritage Museum (SACHM) U of R

  • Saskatchewan Party Campus Club

    This is the University of Regina Saskatchewan Party Campus Club. Though we are one of the youngest clubs on campus, we are one of the most pro-active. The clubs' policy parallels that of the Saskatchewan Party -- we have fun, we work hard, we mean business, and as a member you will have the opportunity to get to know a wide variety of political figures.

    Carter Zazula (President)
  • SaskGamers

    Taylor Petrychyn
  • Saudi Students' Association

    Mohammad S. Gasin
  • Science Graduate Students Badminton Club

    Hang Yin
  • Shinerama

    Kim Nguyen
  • Smile Creators

    Mohammed Alahmadi (President)
  • Soccer Time/Summer Soccer

    Eduardo Molina
  • Society of Creative Anachronism

    Joel Douglas
  • Sociology and Social Studies Course Union

    Bree Barnes
  • Somali Students Association

    Abdulkarim Adam
  • South Asian Students' Association (SASA)

  • Stand Up For Change

    Utilizing local talent to raise money for different causes and helping nonprofit organizations in Saskatchewan. Together we can make a difference!

    Haris Khan
  • Student Associations of Thais at the University of Regina (SATUR)

    Kittaya Amrosoth (President)
  • Student Green Party

    Providing information for students and others about voting on April 4 2016. Making it possible for students to meet and greet various Green Party Candidates. Inviting students and others to participate at the table or during meetings.

    Leonie Williams (President)
  • Students for Mental Wellness Club

    Mia Bell
  • Super Smash Club

    Jon Sorensen
  • Table-Tennis Club

    Anukaranjit Bharti (President)
  • Technology Competitions Canada Club:

    If you are interested in robotics and having fun with the newest tech, please don’t hesitate to contact us. TCC is a perfect combination of all disciplines while providing students of all academic abilities a chance to discover and apply their talents in a fun extra-curricular activity that helps them feel included in a team effort. We believe that it is important to expand this opportunity for students of all ages and gender, who traditionally have been less likely to consider a career in computer science, engineering, business or digital media production.

    Oles Shnurovskyy (President)
  • Tehilllah Minstrels (Gospel Music Choir)

    Enefaa L. Briggs
  • Terry's Cause on Campus

    Gurinder Singh Gill
  • The Astronomy Club

    Telescope use and everything space!

    Tushar Sanvaliya
  • The Citizens Foundation

    Mehr Tajik
  • The Citizens Foundation

    Mehr Tajik
  • The Saudi Lions

    Majed Obaidan
  • The Society of Petroleum Engineers Regina

    Manjesh Banawara
  • Theatre Students' Association

    Carson Walliser (President)
  • Traditional Arts Appreciation

    Chenle Li (Kyle)
  • U of R Curling

    Brendan Ryan
  • U of R Ducks Unlimited Canada Chapter

    Jared Wolfe
  • U of R Entrepreneurship Group

    Stanley Anaka
  • U of R Good News Ambassadors Chapter

    Robert Kraushaar
  • U of R Jiu Jitsu Club

    Marianne Jacobsen
  • U of R Synchronized Swimming club

    Anna Davis
  • U of R Team Compost

    Atiyah Bagha
  • Ukrainian Students' Association

    Roman Matviichuk
  • UNICEF on Campus

    Children are the future leaders of our world. Yet, thousands live in poverty, are uneducated, and lack the basic needs for survival. The University of Regina UNICEF on Campus club brings back the dreams and opportunities to these children as we work with UNICEF Canada to raise awareness and funds that go into investing in children's lives. Join our student group, and help create the opportunities.

  • University of Regina Afghan Club (URAC)

    URAC is an academic, non-profit, student-run social club created by the students of the University of Regina in order to work towards building an awareness of the Afghan culture within the community and to bring together all the students dedicated to contribute their efforts in the expansion of cultural and educational awareness of Afghans among people. In addition to all the above mentioned objectives, URAC is also passionate about organizing social activities and events for all URAC members. This friendly and welcoming club is a place for sharing ideas, discussing problems, and basking in each other’s joys. Our members are of all nationalities and ethnicities. We are open to anyone interested in Afghanistan’s culture. URAC is not affiliated with any political party or organization and does not promote any religion or religious thoughts. URAC is purely a students’ club established by students of the University of Regina. URAC is a non-profitable organisation. All the funds available are used to achieve the objectives of the organisation and no funds will be used for the benefit of any member. The purpose of this club is to promote Afghan culture and as well try to raise money to send books and other school material to Afghan children in Afghanistan.

    Manijeh Hafizi (President)
  • University of Regina African Club

  • University of Regina Anime Club

    The U of R Anime Club is a diverse group of people who meet twice a week during the school year to watch a variety of anime. We hope to show a little something for everyone, and maybe something you’ve never considered. Membership is $5 per person per semester, and the Club is open to anyone interested in anime, student or not. We also welcome every age group; however, mature content and subject matter may be viewed, so parental permission is required for members 15 years old and younger. For more details, please email us or check out our Facebook page!

    Dakota Kaufman (President)
  • University of Regina Bangladeshi Students' Club

    Fazle Rabbi
  • University of Regina Canoe Polo

    Liam McKinnon
  • University of Regina Ceramics Student Society (URCSS)

    Sonia Griffiths (President)
  • University of Regina Cougars Women's Softball

    Nevada Smith (President)
  • University of Regina Cricket Club (URCC)

    Muhammad Hassan Siddiqui
  • University of Regina Fencing Club

    Elwood Sosna
  • University of Regina Filipino Student Society (URFSS)

    Karl Bavi (President)
  • University of Regina Free The Children Club

    Shivali Sood
  • University of Regina Iranian Students Association (URIS)

    Hamed Mirrazeghi
  • University of Regina Karate Club

    He Tian
  • University of Regina Korean Students' Association

    Hunmin Cha
  • University of Regina Metal Club

    Katia Georgeson
  • University of Regina Music Student's Association

    Joshua Hendricksen
  • University of Regina New Democrats

    Leanne Chung
  • University of Regina Outdoors Club (UROC)

    Kate Haennel (President)
  • University of Regina Progressive Students Club

    Dulguun Batbaatar
  • University of Regina Psychology Student Association

    James 'Colton' MacDonald
  • University of Regina Rowing

    William Bingham
  • University of Regina Stammtisch

    Regina Prost
  • University of Regina Student Parents Association (UR SPA)

    Latoya Reid (President)
  • University of Regina Ultimate Team

    Shawn Wiskar (President)
  • University of Regina Young Liberals

    We are a group of URegina students bringing Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada's message of Hope and Hard Work to our fellow URegina students!

    Stewart Kerr (President)
  • UofR Amnesty International Campus Club

    Taylor Madarash
  • UofR Campus Lions Club

  • UofR Cheerleading Team

    U of R Cheerleading team supports school athletics and represents U of R in competitions nationally and internationally.

    Cade Eastwood
  • UofR Cougars Mens Rugby

    Nathan Sgrazzutti
  • UofR Improv Club

    Khoa Le
  • UofR Iranian Society (URIS)

    Mission Statement: The URIS club (Since 2001) has been created by the Iranian students at University of Regina in orderto preserve our identity as Iranians and be in touch with our people. This friendly and welcoming society is a place for sharing ideas, discussing problems, and basking in each other’s joy. All Iranian students and scholars at the University of Regina are eligible to join the club. This membership can also be extended to foreign students who are interested in Iranian culture.

    Ehsan Pourjavad
  • UofR Ski and Snowboard Club

    Michael Thatcher
  • UofR Space and Robotics Club

    Roman Yushchyk
  • UofR Tai Chi

    Tai Chi is an ancient internal martial art which has gained widespread popularity for its many health benefits.
    U of R Taichi club will promote the pratice of Tai Chi, and help people to develop balance, strength, and vitality.

    Kevin Fu
  • UofR Team Handball Club

  • UofR Women's Rugby

    Payton Kuster
  • UR Hispanic Association

    Gabriela Valenzuela
  • UR Pinoy Society

    imee Castillo (President)
  • UR Polis Club

    Leonel Elias
  • UR Social

    Want to get MORE from school from just a diploma? Then join the UR Student Social! It's a casual mixer for ALL students that meets once a week (more info on the website)! This is a great way for you to meet people on campus, break the ice and have some fun! It's a limited time commitment AND it will look great on your resumé! Don't forget to bring your friends!

  • UR Sustainability Club

  • UR Toastmasters

    Natasha Gallant
  • URegina Youth Protecting Youth

    Adam Sander
  • URWISE (Women in Science and Engineering)

    The goal of URWISE is to foster and promote the full participation of women in all fields of science and engineering by:

    • creating opportunities for networking and mentoring of U of R women in science and engineering at the undergraduate, graduate, staff, and faculty levels
    • maintaining connections with our alumni and initiate contacts with women scientists and engineers outside academia
    • Encouraging girls in elementary and high schools to consider science and engineering as viable career choices.

    Membership is open to anyone on campus (Undergraduates, Graduate Students, Staff and Faculty) as well as associate members from the greater Saskatchewan science community who support the URWISE mandate. Current membership includes women from the Faculty of Engineering and from the Faculty of Science departments of Biology, Mathematics and Statistics, and Computer Science. We are targeting all departments in Science and Engineering as well as individuals in science fields outside these faculties.

    Diversity strengthens our membership and helps achieve the URWISE mandate!

    Karen Meagher
  • Visual Arts Students' Association

    Alexandra Lohnes (President)
  • Weightlifting/Olympic Weightlifting Club

    Ruihao Zhao (President)
  • Women's Actions Group

    Fatun Mose (President)
  • Women's Softball

    Chelsea Jones
  • Womens and Gender Studies Student Association

    Ashley Landers
  • World Society for the Protection of Animals - U of R (WSPA - U of R)

    Laura Hudson (President)
  • World University Service of Canada

    World University Service of Canada (WUSC) is a network of individuals and post-secondary institutions who believe that all people are entitled to the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to a more equitable world.  WUSC Regina sponsors to refugee youths to come to the U of R each year and obtain a university degree, and we support them mentally, physically, academically and spiritually during their time at the university.  WUSC Regina also partakes in a variety of awareness raising campaigns concerning issues like girls' education in refugee camps, and HIV/AIDS.

    Matt Lensen
  • World Vision Campus Club

    Emma Kramer-Rodger (President)
  • Yemenie Society

    Thabit Taher (President)

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