Historical Fee Collection

If you have a question about how student fees were collected in the past (prior to 2014) you can look below. In the past the URSU fees were set based on whether a student was a Full-time or a Part-time student. This short description captures the way fees were previously collected.

Student Fees Related Fees (breakdown below)Part-Time $13.55Full-Time $27.15
CFS Saskatchewan$0.75$1.50
CFS National$2.10$4.25
Capital Improvement Fund$2.50$5.00
Refugee Fund$3.00$3.00
Fifth Parallel Gallery$0.50$1.00
Intramural Program$1.25$2.50
Carillon Newspaper$2.75$5.50
Grad/Undergrad Research Fund$0.75$1.50
Emergency Bursary Fund$0.25$0.25
Women’s Centre$3.00$6.00
Regina Public Interest Research Group$6.00$6.00
Engineers Without Borders$0.20$0.40
URPride Centre$2.50$5.00
Related Fees Total$39.05$41.85
Student Fee Total$52.60$69.00

*If Grad student, then 40% of Students’ Union Fee goes towards Grad Student Association.
*If FNUC Student, then 25% of Students’ Union Fee goes towards FNUnivSA.
**Part time students must opt-into the URSU Health and Dental Plan.

Fee Breakdown

  • Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) Saskatchewan
  • Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) National
  • Capital Improvement Fund
  • Refugee Fund
  • Fifth Parallel Gallery
  • Intramural Program
  • Carillon Newspaper
  • Grad/Undergrad Research Fund
  • Emergency Bursary Fund
  • Women's Centre
  • Regina Public Interest Research Group (RPIRG)
  • Engineers without Borders
  • URPride

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