From  March 13th to 16th students at the University of Regina used their voice and cast their ballots in the 2017 URSU General Elections. Students voted to fill positions on the University of Regina Students’ Union's Executive Committee and Board of Directors, which represent the different faculties and demographics on our campus. There wasalso positions available on the University of Regina's Senate, University Council and Executive of Council.  

There is also a referendum question that students are asked to vote 'Yes' of 'No' on, here is the question: 

Are you in favour of reducing the previously approved new URSU fee collection structure from a $38.00 base fee plus $5.00 per credit hour to a $36.00 base fee plus $4.70 per credit hour?

The referendum question passed with 1218 YES votes and 147 NO votes.

In the most recent Students’ Union of the University of Regina Inc. (URSU) General Election, certain actions of a candidate were found to be in violation of URSU’s Constitution and Election and Referendum Bylaw by the URSU Elections Committee and the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors ruled that the nature of the actions of the candidate were severe enough to warrant disqualification from the election. This decision did not come lightly to the Board of Directors. The decision to disqualify the candidate was guided by the regulations set out in URSU’s constitutional documents, bylaws and policies.

The URSU Board of Directors takes its fiduciary responsibilities to the members it serves very seriously. There are many challenges in ensuring that the best interests of URSU’s almost 14,000 members across the University of Regina’s campuses, its federated colleges, as well as the First Nations University of Canada campuses in Regina, Saskatoon and Prince Albert. URSU remains devoted to serving the best interests of its student membership at all times. It remains committed based on principles of honesty, integrity and transparency to building a University community that is inclusive, diverse, respectful and exciting for all students on and off campus.


Below are the unofficial results for the 2017 URSU General Elections, the results will be made official following the next URSU Board Meeting.




Jermain McKenzie  1186 VOTES

Legbo Menegbo   560 VOTES


Vice-President – Student Affairs

Maria AmanDisqualified

Shawn Wiskar


Total Votes Cast - 1855

Vice-President – Operations and Finance

Derrick Gagnon    826 VOTES

Faith Olanipekun   726 VOTES


Vice-President – External Affairs

Haris Khan   651 VOTES


Jaime Cabrera   449 VOTES


Conor Woolley    394 VOTES



Carson Walliser     179 VOTES




Aboriginal Students’

Pete Kytwayhat    1036 VOTES


Arts Students’

Colton Macdonald    147 VOTES

Mohammad Al-Bayati

Business Students’

Eman Mohammed   168 VOTES


Campion College

Carly Hill   88 VOTES


Director for Students with Disabilities



Education Students’

Rylan Jensen   106 VOTES


Engineering Students’

Rishabh Dutta     220 VOTES


Taylor Petrychyn     154 VOTES


Fine Arts Students’



First Nations University Students’

Skyler Anderson      51 VOTES


Francophone Students’



Graduate Students’

Imran Ahamed      93 VOTES


International Students’

Rashid Jahan     150 VOTES


Kinesiology and Health Students’

Sena Debia    87 VOTES


LGBTQ Students’

Harvey Gibson    908 VOTES


Luther College Students’



Nursing Students’



Part-Time Students’



Science Students’

Hamza Tariq   145 VOTES


Social Work



Women’s Director

Khansa Irfan      950 VOTES


SENATE - Select six (6) of the following

Derrick Gagnon  692 VOTES

Emily Albano  614 VOTES

Taylor Petrychyn    575 VOTES

Kailey Lowe   567 VOTES

Shawn Wiskar     562 VOTES

Conor Woolley   558 VOTES

Colton Macdonald   545 VOTES

Kaylee Hayko   497 VOTES

Maksym Zabutnyy    436 VOTES





Catherine Pamisaran    211 VOTES

Colton Macdonald   169 VOTES



Jonathan Lipoth     132 VOTES



Emily Albano  120 VOTES

Taylor Petrychyn  117 VOTES

Kailey Lowe   113 VOTES

Kaylee Hayko   105 VOTES

Maksym Zabutnyy  93 VOTES



Imran Ahamed     90 VOTES


EXECUTIVE OF COUNCIL (One position available per faculty)


Derrick Gagnon  131 VOTES 

Colton Macdonald  105 VOTES



Maksym Zabutnyy  145 VOTES


Campaigning Period

Campaigning for the election began Monday Feb. 27, 2017 at 12:00AM and ended on Friday March 10th, 2017 at 11:59PM.

Polling Period

Voting began Monday March 13th, 2017 at 12:00AM and ended on Thursday March 16th, 2017 AT 11:59PM.

Chief Returning Officer (CRO)

To maintain a fair and democratic process, URSU is required to hire a Chief Returning Officer to oversee the election process. This person is in charge of ensuring that URSU Election By-laws are followed and that any disputes and conflicts are dealt with properly.

You may contact the CRO at cro@ursu.ca.

This page serves as a resource for the 2017 URSU General Elections for March 13th, 2017 to March 16th, 2017. This page includes guidelines, regulations and information for those seeking candidacy in the election. If you have any questions or experienced difficulties voting please contact the Chief Returning Officer by emailing cro@ursu.ca.

URSU Elections By-Law

URSU Poster Policy

URSU Constitution


PLEASE NOTE: URSU has changed the election by-laws so that instead of every student voting for every position (which is how it worked in past years) now students will only be able to vote for positions in the constituencies that apply to them.

All students will still have the chance to vote for executive positions, and a few other general positions.

For example:  

                  If you are a Fine Arts student, vote for the Fine Arts Director


If you are a Campion student in the Faculty of Arts, vote for the Campion Director AND the Arts Director.


                        If you are a Graduate student through Campion College in the Faculty of Arts, vote for the Grad Director, Campion Director, AND Faculty of Arts Director.

The questions on the ballot will say who is eligible to vote for the question. If you vote for a candidate in a constituency that you DO NOT belong to, your vote for this position will be removed from the final count. Your votes for constituencies that you DO belong to will still remain valid. 


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